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Crowdfunding Round 1 – Goal Achieved – Over £12,000 raised to fight against stadium plans.

TOGETHER WE’VE DONE IT – we have reached our crowd-funding target of £12,000 and have now raised £12,253 🙂

No Kingsford Stadium group would like to thank every one of our supporters – the people who have donated money, the people who have donated their time, everybody who has ‘liked’ our Facebook posts and those that have given words of support, advice and encouragement.

 We are now all set to tackle the planning application when it is submitted, which we think will be in mid-January.  Our planning and transport consultants are ready to start scrutinising the planning proposal, the objections packs are ready to print with volunteers ready to spring into action to deliver them, and of course all the people in the communities of Westhill and beyond who are opposed to this proposal are ready to start penning their objections.

We would like to wish all our supporters a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and thank you again for your support.


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