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Your voices: Community stories shout loudly against stadium proposals

“I have lived in Westhill for almost 40 years, and hoped I would be here for the rest of my days. The thought of a football stadium near my home, is beyond belief. This is a lovely community, which would be absolutely ruined with this silly project. We have more than enough traffic on our streets, without football fans parking anywhere they can find a space. Probably outside your home, causing chaos, not just 1 day, it could be any day of the week. Commuters would suffer as well. Getting home on the Old Skene Road can be a nightmare presently at peak times. How would it be with hundreds of fans, driving by car and coach, even walking? I, and many others would think twice about staying in Westhill if this football stadium is to be given the go ahead. The majority of people who are for it, do NOT live in Westhill. If it was on their doorstep it may be a different story. PLEASE SAY NO. Don’t spoil our community”

“I’ve lived in Westhill for 25 years.  I like it here – it’s in the country but if I want to visit the City Centre and shopping this is also accessible. I would never have moved to an area near a football Stadium.  Too many people, too congested and lots of noise.  Parking will be a big issue – with most of the streets (if not ALL the streets) in Westhill being used to park and walk to the Stadium.  We don’t have enough facilities to cope with the large volume of numbers expected and who will pay for the litter pick up and police the area during match days. “
“We moved to Westhill 26 years ago, this has become our community and our children are now settled here with their children. Westhill has always and will always be a great part of our life. It is true that communities do change and flourish as the years pass and growth always comes in ways we do not like.  Change is a frightening thing to some but when it brings growth to the area in positive ways and families can benefit from it, then it is a good thing. But when something is being ‘forced’ on a community … like this Stadium … it brings nothing but discord and unpleasant feelings and it divides the community which is not a good thing”
“I have lived in Westhill for nearly forty years and brought up a family in this Garden suburb.  Yes, Garden suburb that’s what they called it when I moved into my first Westhill house, then only one bus per day and one small shop. This was and is a great place to bring up a family still is.  And I want it to stay that way.  I know this proposed stadium is really bad News for the residents of Westhill.  I have been to most Scottish stadiums in my life and witnessed the dump that they become. “
“I grew up in Westhill and moved back 3 years ago to raise my daughter as a single parent. I wanted to live in a familiar and friendly community, which was close to my family. I first moved to Westhill in 1997 when it was much smaller and over the years I have seen it expanding (not always for the good of the community). This development is too far. This quiet suburb that I and my family love would be eaten up by this monster stadium at the doorway to our community. The friendly streets on a Saturday afternoon will be swamped by the parked cars of supporters going to the game, or potentially a no go due to parking restrictions meaning you can’t have your car at your door so you will have to find an alternative parking solution. The town centre would become an area to avoid for the weekly shop as the area fills with AFC patrons parking up for the afternoon’s game. I have lived in busy areas where parking permits are the norm, cars drive round and queue to find a space, where you expect to come face to face with often intimidatingly large groups of people and where walking the dog after dusk was an absolute not! This is why I chose to move away from the city centre to raise my daughter. It’s a terrifying thought that our rural areas may be rural and green no more to fund the profits and gain of a football club…”
These are the words of our community. These are our neighbours, men and women; mothers, fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers, young people, older people – united against these stadium proposals and the significant negative impacts the proposals will bring to our local area. Thanks for all you support over the last 8 months – we continue to fight on. Please consider donating to support our campaign – we are just £332 off our Phase 1 target of £12,000.  We need your continued support.



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