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Growing unrest of Aberdeen FC fans at stadium plans

Leaving Pittodrie: The Grass is Certainly not Greener

An increasing number of Aberdeen supporters are coming out against the proposed stadium development at Westhill/Kingsford. The plans will take AFC 7 miles from their historic home - a distance too far for many supporters and will lead to a match day experience of traffic queues, hours on shuttle buses and limited opportunities to enjoy the day before and after the match.

Now that Stewart Milne has come clean and indicated that the plans would put the club back in debt and would likely impact on the availability of funding for players for perhaps the next 10 plus years, many supporters are now expressing how unhappy they are with the proposals.  

AFC moving 10.5km from Pittodrie. Next biggest move in recent years? Bolton, 7.9km from Burnden Park in 1997 when 21st in ladder, now 46th.  There is no doubt that a move will put the financial and sporting future of the club at risk.  If you want to read about what can go wrong when a club makes a move like this - read all about Coventry City.

This post, by "No To Kingsford", a fan on Twitter, raises many concerns about the proposals and increasingly, the dire financial position that a move to Kingsford would place the club in. Aberdeen FC and partners have already written off more than  two million pounds (page 4 on the Annual Report) as a result of withdrawing from the Loirston plans.

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One thought on “Growing unrest of Aberdeen FC fans at stadium plans

  1. I would be very sorry to see the club move to Westhill. Apart from the obvious dimination of character and atmosphere compared to pittodrie, it will become almost impossible for me to take my disabled son to see his heros in action (and I’ll miss the crack too) in the bleak suburban expanse of Westhill. (We have got the bus route from AberdeenSHIRE all worked out now.)

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