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Stadium "feedback" event offered no answers for local community

  • There is no clear plan to cope with the high volumes of traffic entering the local area.  In fact, the club are seeking to make the situation worse – they intend to bring more cars into the area by asking for more parking spaces onsite (circa 250, increasing the on-site parking to 1,600) than allowed by Scottish Government guidance.  They are also seeking a further 600 parking spaces in Arnhall Business Park.  At the previous consultation we were told that there would be approximately 1,333 spaces and that fans would arrive by shuttle bus.  These additional car spaces will lead to even more traffic in the area on match days.
  • There are no plans to improve the local roads infrastructure. There is a plan to add two turning lanes into the site which will cause significant traffic problems on the west bound A944.
  • After an event there will be in excess of 1,500 vehicles exiting the site.  It will be mandatory for all vehicles to turn left, almost immediately onto the AWPR roundabout.  There will be significant delays in both the site car park and on the A944 to allow traffic to disperse from the site.
  • AFC intend to offload the responsibility for traffic management to the police.  The club only pay for the cost of policing within the stadium.  All costs for policing outside the stadium will need to be met from the local police budget.
  • There are no plans for the segregation of home and away fans on the way to and from the stadium – we were told that this is for the police to manage.
  • There is to be a parking exclusion zone within Westhill.  This will be up to within 1 mile walking distance from the site.  This means that residents in this zone will have to obtain parking permits for their vehicles and for any visitors on match days.  AFC intend to offload responsibility for parking management to local police.(We have since learnt of a proposal for Aberdeen City traffic wardens to work in Westhill under licence from the police – with the costs for this paid by the local authorities.)
  • There is no clear plan to effectively mitigate the significant flood risk in the area.
  • We didn’t learn of any direct benefits on offer to the communities of Westhill and Kingswells.  We understand that certain facilities on the site will be available to the general public at cost.
  • There are no plans to improve the A944 cycle path.  The site will cause major disruption for cycle users and is already a path much in need of improvement.  Without doubt, football supporters will walk along this path and the club should pay the full cost of major improvements to ensure the safety of fans as they make their way to the stadium.
  • The stadium will be over 21.5 metres high.   It is in a highly visible location and will dominate the local area.
  • As far as we are aware, there is no formal agreement in place with AFC and Aberdeen City Council to make use of any of the Park and Ride facilities.
  • There are plans to offer more public transport, however the club is not implementing a sustainable green transport plan to force/encourage supporters to use better transport options.
  • There are no plans to  monitor those attending events via CCTV.  This will impact on the ability of the police to effectively enforce and gather evidence for issues relating to supporter management and incidents of disorder.
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