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Community trust in Aberdeen FC shattered by new announcement.

NKS asked AFC staff directly on Thursday if they proposed to use the venue for other events. We were advised this was not going to happen as they did not wish to take business from the new AECC. Today AFC announced that they will be hosting rugby games and concerts at the proposed stadium. This is a very quick change of tune from AFC!  Their transport strategy is based on average football attendance of 13.5k, not the seated capacity of the stadium (20k) or the extra capacity for music events.  Which leads us to question the validity of their transport strategy. George Yule has attempted to discredit residents concerns by saying in the Evening Express ‘it will only be 26 times a year…’ when clearly it will be a much greater number! In less than a week the club have changed their mind on such a huge issue, how can we be expected to believe what else we were told at their feedback event on Thursday?” The reality is that the local community cannot trust in any promise or commitment made by the club. The No Kingsford Stadium group, which represents the great many people in Kingswells and Westhill opposed to the proposed stadium developments, will continue to campaign vigorously to block any planning application on the proposed site.



5 thoughts on “Community trust in Aberdeen FC shattered by new announcement.

  1. If the planners and the powers that be act in a fair and reasonable manner, then the population of Westhill will be heard and their views regarding having a football stadium and entertainments venue built on their country doorstep, will be respected. Notwithstanding, the location is totally unsuitable and will have to big an impact on what is and has always been a very quiet country town. Their SHOULD be only one decision to be made and that is “No!”

  2. The fact that AFC are considering building a Football Stadium in close proximity to two Gas Lines has to be a case for Health and Safety to step in and put a stop to this proposal. Can you imagine if one of the lines was to rupture during a Football Match or any other Public meeting, how would the council be able to answer as to why this site was picked?

  3. The Kingsford project is designed to make a lot of money for one individual. The quicker zAFC fans realise this, the better.
    Lower league football is not what the City deserves.

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