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Community donates thousands to block AFC stadium plans

“The communities of Kingswells and Westhill are sending out a strong message to Aberdeen Football Club and Aberdeen City Council that the proposed stadium development is not wanted here. At a recent public meeting in Westhill, 100s of residents turned out to voice their anger at the stadium proposals. These proposals are in direct contravention of Aberdeen City planning guidance. “ Aberdeen Football Club have planned a feedback session in Pittodrie on November 24th, some eight miles from the proposed stadium location and the communities most affected by this proposal. Stewart Milne promised to prove what good neighbours Aberdeen Football Club could be, however, this complete failure to engage with the local community demonstrates the club’s disregard for the concerns of residents and their fixation to gain approval for this disastrous and potentially unsafe proposal at any cost. The No Kingsford Stadium Group will ensure that every local resident has the information he or she requires to object to this proposal. We will continue to campaign for the support of Aberdeen City Councillors to vote against any application submitted by Aberdeen Football Club on this site.]]>

One thought on “Community donates thousands to block AFC stadium plans

  1. So important that, as a community, we pull together to fight this. AFC are large private company, chaired by people who only want a new stadium and don’t care who they trample on to get it. This is against so many of the Aberdeen City Council’s own policies and therefore should be thrown out by the Council.

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