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Community Stories: We want to share the impact that Kingsford Stadium will have on the Community What are you concerned about? The traffic – thousands of cars on our roads and parking in our streets? The environment – building on greenbelt when brownfield sites should be used.  Changing the nature of our communities – large volumes of people changing the rural/suburban feel of our spaces. Whatever your concerns, we want to hear them. We are happy to share them anonymously or attribute them to you by name. We won’t be publishing any of your contact details. Please take some time to share your story. Fighting this development is personal, it will affect every one of us and we want others to understand the personal impact on every resident in Westhill and Kingswells. Here is one Community Story we’ve already received:

“I’ve lived in Westhill for 15 years. I regularly use Aberdeen City Centre, I like to spend my afternoon’s there on a Saturday. I’m concerned that I will no long be able to travel when I want because football traffic will make the road into Aberdeen impassible for many hours on match days.  I also often cycle with my daughter on the cycle track between Kingswells and Westhill. I won’t be able to use this track when football crowds are walking along it. At some sections, it is hardly possible for two cyclists to pass. I don’t want this stadium to be built because it will change so many of the things I love about the quiet community of Westhill.”

Sally 37, Westhill

We can’t wait to hear your story. Best wishes and thank you for your support. Clare Davidson, No Kingsford Stadium  ]]>

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