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No Kingsford Stadium Campaign Group – Response to AFC Consultation

  • Greenbelt:  It is being proposed to build this development on Green Belt land which is not designated for development in the Local Development Plan.
  • Coalescence:  If this development proceeds, there will be no Green Belt left between Westhill and Kingswells on the north side of the A944, once the Prime 4 business / Commercial Park is completed.  Current planning approvals show that Prime 4 will extend to the AWPR junction on the A944.
  • Current Use:  The site is currently used for agricultural purposes (and notably NOT land-fill).
  • Loss of visual amenity: There will be a major loss of visual amenity and views that currently exist.  This location is in a prominent position in a wide open agricultural plain.
  • Impact on area:  A building that is likely to be the equivalent to 7 storeys high, will create a very large visual impact on the whole area, particularly for residents on the east side of Westhill and along the Brodiach road.
  • Impact on local homes:  The impact of the development on immediate residential neighbours will be unacceptable.
  • Noise Pollution:  Noise generated from the stadium during football matches and concerts will be heard across large areas of Westhill and the surrounding area.
  • Light pollution:  Light pollution from the whole development, stadium and training pitches will impact on the surrounding area.
  • Impact on community:  There will be up to 20,000 people accessing the site on some occasions and around 15,000 on most match days with all the associated negative impacts of litter, use of walkways for locals, damage to verges and pavements and other local amenities.
  • Road Safety:  Access for vehicular traffic to the whole site is likely to be via a single entrance on the A944, with westbound traffic having to cross the eastbound carriageway to get into the ground.
  • AWPR: The traffic modelling for the AWPR junction was done in 2008.  It did not consider the Broadshade development at Westhill, the proposed development of 3,000 homes at Countesswells, and certainly not the increased traffic the stadium would inevitably bring.   Additionally, Aberdeen City Council has stated that the AWPR is not a development corridor.
  • Traffic Management:  The AWPR junction on the A944 including the roundabout will become a bottleneck with the additional football traffic exiting or entering the AWPR.   This crossing will have a significant impact on the AWPR traffic flow, A944 and traffic in the town of Westhill.
  • Parking:  Limited car parking (approx. 1,300 spaces with an estimated 700 available for ordinary supporters) on the site will force drivers to find alternative parking in Westhill and Kingswells including residential streets, shopping and business car parks.
  • Bus/Private Coach Parking:  As only official supporters buses will be allowed to park on site all other buses and minibuses will have to unload and park elsewhere, e.g. Westhill town centre.
  • Bus passenger safety:  For safety reasons, buses are not allowed to stop on the A944 in either direction between Prime 4 and Westhill Drive. This means that fans using the Aberdeen to Westhill / Elrick bus will most likely get off on Westhill Drive.
  • Shuttle Buses:  The notion of using shuttle buses to ferry 10,000+ fans to and from the stadium appears highly unachievable.
  • Unsafe Walking Route for Fans:  Due to its width and closeness to the dual carriageway, the pavement / cycleway on the north side of the A944 is unsuitable for large numbers of fans walking to the stadium from Westhill or from the east e.g. Kingswells Park and Ride.
  • Cyclists/Walkers Safety Issues:  We are concerned that on match/event days, the pavement / cycleway will be unsafe for non-match going cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Training/Stadium Complex not required:  There is no operational need for Aberdeen Football Club to have training facilities adjacent to the stadium, one of the main reasons given for this development.  Very few clubs have these facilities co-located with their stadiums.
  • AFC Community Trust:  The stadium does not have to be at this location to allow the Community Trust to deliver its activities across the region.
  • Pipelines: The site is impacted on by two ageing major pipelines which HSE describe as presenting a significant risk of thermal radiation.
  • Emergency Vehicle Access:  During match/event times, access for emergency vehicles to the surrounding area may be impeded.
  • Anti-Social Behaviour:  Contrary to AFC’s stance that there is very little anti-social behaviour by fans, we believe that this remains an issue for the community of Westhill.  Not all anti-social behaviour by football fans occurs at the stadium.   Fans in Aberdeen are monitored throughout the city by over 70 CCTV cameras and police ‘spotters’.
  • Environmental Concerns:  The impact on wildlife and birds in the area and the loss of trees and field boundaries.  Impact on air quality.  Impact on drainage and sewage systems.
  • In summary, this development is contrary to all local planning principals and in a location entirely unsuited to substantial development of this kind. We recommend that AFC withdraws their interest in this site and explores other options in the heart of Aberdeen City in partnership with the local authority.    ]]>

    One thought on “No Kingsford Stadium Campaign Group – Response to AFC Consultation

    1. The points compiled by No to Kingsford stadium have been derived from the residents of Westhill and close area. AFC and Aberdeen Council have to waken up to the facts that the residents concerns are important and and must be fully taken into consideration. The majority of AFC true supporters are reluctant for their stadium to be relocated. Taking into account the monitory cost of relocating, versus investing in the home of Aberdeen Football Club at Pittoddrie which includes the wishes of AFC Fans is something the Directors of AFC are not truly valuing. Compare delevoping the home of golf at St Andrews into real estate and relocation of the golf course, unimaginable. Considerable concerns by us residents must be fully considered, we love our little town, we love our community, we love to see our children and grandchildren grow up in a safe and happy environment. Westhill has grown over the years but with due considerations made towards in keeping with what the residents can live with, relocation of AFC is not for this area, think long term and not for the convenience or added wealth of individuals.

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