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Dangling a slightly flaccid carrot….

  • Lawsondale playing fields with Pavilion. Soon to be upgraded to 3G with floodlights. Home of Westdyke FC.
  • Westdyke Leisure centre with large multi purpose hall and playing fields: rugby and football use. Indoor bowls, adult classes, children’s activities.
  • A 18 hole golf course.
  • Kingswells Webster Park football pitches and the community park off Kingswood Drive
  • A 25m community use swimming pool.
  • Academy and 3 primary school playing fields.
  • Tennis courts, bowling green and pavilion and fitness trail in Denman park.
  • 2 public gyms in Westhill, one in Kingswells (with a swimming pool).
  • Squash centre.
  • Fitness classes in Ashdale Hall (a large well-used multipurpose space).
  • Annual 10K, triathalon, and bike ride.
  • So…. Not exactly devoid of sporting facilities, are we? The use of these AFC community facilities is unlikely to be free and level of access to the pitches and grounds has not been made clear. If the club was serious, it would make a substantial offer of community services for Westhill: free gym for local community, free use of all facilities for local clubs and community groups, free use of venue (meeting rooms etc) for local community groups, a much needed indoor skatepark, a quota/ballot of free season and match tickets and more – and build and make these facilities/offers available before any work on the stadium – as part of a community bond with Westhill.  And this would include a legal agreement that these services are to be offered by the club to the community in perpetuity – with all licensing of the venue and facilities subject to this “community bond”. But that is all “pie in the sky” and the club won’t deliver for the community of Westhill.   Perhaps that fat juicy community carrot isn’t looking so attractive after all. Will it compensate for all the negatives? We don’t think so, not by a long way.]]>

    One thought on “Dangling a slightly flaccid carrot….

    1. I moved from Urquhart Road for Westhill many years ago to escape the horrendous problems relating to Pittodrie. I suffer from ME so I can’t walk far and I need proper quality rest. On many occasions I could not find anywhere to park within reasonable walking distance of my flat, so often simply had to sit in my car nearby for an hour or more waiting until such time as enough supporters had cleared the area for it to be worth my while to try again. And as for the concerts, eg Rod Stewart… don’t get me started. Sensory overload puts it very mildly.
      In Westhill I live in Meikle Gardens, just off Hays Way. Its bad enough getting along Hays Way when there is an event on at the swimming pool – people parked along the entire swimming pool side of the road including directly opposite the entrance to the Fare Park set of cul-de-sacs. And people attending these types of events or the triathlons are the type of people who do care about others and the community. 80 000 football supporters… They won’t care as long as they get to the match.

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