No Kingsford StadiumPlanning Update

Pre-Application Forum 18th August 2016, 2.00pm

Aberdeen City Council’s Pre-Application Forum will meet on Thursday 18th August.  This committee will look over the application by Aberdeen Football Club to build at Stadium at Westhill, Kingsford.  The committee will consider the significant issues highlighted by planners in the document shown below. [gview file=”” save=”1″] The committee’s purpose is to consider the key issues identified, which are considerable, and to seek clarification on matters relating to the application and finally to highlight any issues which the club should consider in any future application.  e.g.

RECOMMENDATION: It is recommended that the Forum (i) note the key issues identified; (ii) if necessary seek clarification on any particular matters; and (iii) identify relevant issues which they would like the applicants to consider and address in any future application.

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