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Freedom of Information responses cast doubt on AFC Stadium Plans

Further information obtained by the No Kingsford Stadium group under Freedom of Information shows the significant concerns of Aberdeen City Council planners relating to the development.  The No Kingsford Stadium group wish to assure residents of Westhill and Kingswells that this development is far from a ‘done deal’ and AFC has many obstacles to overcome to gain planning approval.  A letter from Aberdeen City council to the Stewart Milne group dated 26th May 2016 stated:

‘As you are aware, the proposed site represents a significant departure from the development plan and will be very challenging. Although there is much background work already done in relation to the Arena project at Loirston, you should be aware that there are many constraints related specifically to this site that will require to be addressed.’
 An internal ACC e-mail from the Team Leader of the Master Planning Design and Conservation Department dated 17th May 2016 stated:
‘this was an extremely challenging proposal for us to handle, given that is hasn’t been identified in the ALDP and lies in the Green Belt’.
 An internal ACC e-mail dated 16th May 2106 stated
“We need to make sure that Transport Scotland are engage (sic) in this early as they will have significant interest in this as future AWPR/A90 junction is concerned “
Clare Davidson, speaking on behalf of the No Kingsford Stadium group said:
“Aberdeen City Council share the concerns our group has regarding the complexities of locating this complex at Kingsford.  Primarily this development is on designated Greenbelt and is a clear deviation from the local development plan.   The AWPR junction traffic modelling was completed prior to much of the developments at Westhill and Kingswells over recent years and also the planned 3,000 houses at Counteswells.  How will this junction cope with even more demands that match day traffic will inevitably bring? ACC have previously stated that the AWPR should not be a development corridor.  This development would be a clear contradiction of that statement. Planning consent at this location would set a dangerous precedent for development to the west of the AWPR route. The transport and traffic strategies for the movement of many thousands of people safely in and out of a stadium with access to only the A944 are yet to be developed and will prove to be extremely challenging. We believe that these obstacles will be insurmountable and that any planning application will ultimately fail.”
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One thought on “Freedom of Information responses cast doubt on AFC Stadium Plans

  1. Yay sounds like Aberdeen Football Club shouldn’t have even started anything … good to see they acknowledge the Green Belt zoning

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