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New Video Shows Damning Impact of Stadium

No Kingsford Stadium group, released on our web site, shows the significant visual impact of the proposed AFC Stadium at Kingsford near Westhill. The video, a mix of renderings, drone footage and 3D modelling, shows the proposed stadium will be an eyesore on the wide open farmland just outside the town, removing the significant visual amenity of green fields and open spaces. This area, just within the city boundary, is classed as Kingswells, however its proximity to Westhill can be clearly seen in the video footage. There is absolutely no doubt that Westhill will lose its character and identity. Westhill would become defined by this imposing structure which would dominate the current green and rural landscape. The recent consultation events by Aberdeen Football Club have done nothing to allay the fears of many residents in Westhill and Kingswells. Many raised issues such as the impact of 1,000s’ of supporters walking along the busy A944 and significant difficulties in moving such a large volume of people to the area on public transport. As identified in the Aberdeen City Council local development plan, this area is greenbelt (NE2 designation).  Any development on this area is a significant departure from local planning and should be blocked by Aberdeen City Council. The Scottish Government states: The purpose of green belt designation in the development plan, as part of the settlement strategy for an area is to:

  • direct planned growth to the most appropriate locations and support regeneration.
  • Protect and enhance the quality, character, landscape setting and identity of towns and cities, and
  • protect and give access to open space within and around towns and cities.
Clare Davidson, a spokesperson for the group said “We will campaign for this development to be denied planning approval and will make the case that, as Aberdeen’s football club, AFC should remain in the heart of the city and play a full role in city centre regeneration, in line with Aberdeen’s City Centre Masterplan”. The No Kingsford Stadium Group can be contacted via email and social media: Youtube (video link): Email: Facebook: WWW:]]>

One thought on “New Video Shows Damning Impact of Stadium

  1. For forty years we have enjoyed the view of the Garden Suburb of Westhills and surrounding area as we come over by Five Mile garage, and now as we pass the AWPR constructions. With the stadium in the planned location the whole of Westhill will be dominated by a tin can of a structure, rather like a retail wharehouse. A key point about this is the fact that residents will see this obstruction far more than football fans – every day, every week, 24/7.
    Listening to some fans from the Aberdeen city they were making clear their intention to do what they normally do, drive their car, find a compromise parking location in a street somewhere and then walk to the stadium and walk back to that car location. At one car park space per fifteen seats that thinking and established action is inevitable.

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