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2016-07-25 Press Release – Council Concerns

“Major development: significant development plan departure, contrary to the vision and wider strategy of the development plan, why project is not promoted through the development plan review process;” “Green Belt (NE2) designation – encroachment into buffer between Kingswells and Westhill” “Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route is not a development corridor” A note of a meeting between council planners, the developers and Police Scotland again highlights concerns about why this application is not part of local development planning.  Also highlighted are significant challenges in relation to traffic management in the area and the football club’s anxiety to have the plans passed before a change of administration in Aberdeen City Council. Clare Davidson, speaking on behalf of the No Kingsford Stadium group, said

“Aberdeen City Council spent £180,000 on a feasibility study to recommend a site for this stadium.  That study identified Loirston as the best option not the site at Westhill, Kingsford.” “These documents show that city and shire planners have major concerns about this proposal.  The No Kingsford Stadium group and the majority of residents in Westhill and Kingswells are absolutely against this development and we will make our views clear to the developers at the forthcoming consultation events.”
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