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UPDATE: Controlled Parking Zone for Westhill

parking zone map with significant information for all residents of Westhill and Kingswells. At Loirston Loch, a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) was proposed for all areas within a 30 minute walk of the stadium. This means no parking within this area without a voucher which residents would have to apply for! This 30 minute walking distance (as measured on Google Maps) would make all of Westhill and areas of Elrick and Kingswells no parking zones.  Consider the impact:

  • parking notice signs throughout these areas
  • Road markings to indicate parking restrictions/controlled parking zone
  • the cost of these measures for the local authority (Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City)
  • no parking for friends or family visiting your home,
  • having to apply for a voucher for each of your vehicles,
  • a requirement to reapply when you change vehicle
This is just one significant issue for residents.

What you can do now!

You can write to your local councillors, to your MP and to your MSP and you can consider supporting our campaign to stop this development at Westhill. You are free to use the text in this sample letter in your own communications. To write to Westhill representatives use this link at Write to them To write to Kingswells representatives use this link at Write to them.  
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3 thoughts on “UPDATE: Controlled Parking Zone for Westhill

  1. The Parking at the Westhill Shopping Centre is already chaos. I can see restrictions having to be imposed on parking there, as well as at the Doctors Surgery, Costco and Tesco.

  2. Have been a resident in Westhill for 30 years & have never heard of such a ludicrous plan in all my time.
    Why should we spoil our beautiful peaceful town with a Football stadium & all the hassle & harassment that goes with it.
    This is a garden suburb with beautiful views looking out from the town & across green fields.
    Tell Mr Milne to build it where his new monstrosities are being built at Countesswells
    Graeme Somers

  3. We are most concerned about this. Already an impact on house prices from all the redundancies, and now this will undoubtedly reduce the desirability of Westhill property further. And that’s not even to mention all the other impacts on our community.

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