No Kingsford StadiumPlanning Update

Proposal of Application Notice: No Kingsford Stadium

single “feedback” event. Will they have this feedback event in Westhill, the most negatively affective community? We hope they will present their case to the community of Westhill in a public meeting. The proposed site is completely unsuitable, green belt, not part of the local development plan and located on a road with a very poor safety record. View the application on the ACC Web Site here.]]>

One thought on “Proposal of Application Notice: No Kingsford Stadium

  1. I am against the football stadium. Why have Aberdeen football club dumped at Westhill on a refuse site. Who owns the ground and was it offered to the club or did Stewart Milne approach the owner. I am told farmer at one time wanted to create a golf driving range on same area but it was refused because of increase in traffic on Old Skene Road etc

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