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Why are we crowdfunding? Safety Concerns

  • Why do we need your help?
  • One of the reasons is to pay for an expert on traffic and travel strategies.
  • We have major concerns about the 1,000’s of additional vehicles on our roads at match times and the serious problems this may cause for emergency vehicles to get through to Westhill and beyond.  The A944 will be gridlocked at match times.
  • Crowdfunding to engage experts

    One of the key reasons to secure funding is to hire an expert to allow us develop an independent report examining the transport and travel strategy that will form part of the planning application. We believe there is no manageable transport strategy that could cope with the numbers of fans attending games, given the geography of the proposed site and the possible traffic flows. In Loirston, fans could disperse in a number of directions; at Pittodrie, fans disperse, radiating away from the ground in all directions and nearly all are on foot, having parked cars within a 2 mile radius of the ground. At Pittodrie, visiting support is funnelled away, segregated from the main support, by police, to ensure safety. Roads are closed and traffic stopped to allow visiting support coaches to leave the area.

    Access and emergency response

    All access to the proposed site is via the A944.  This already significantly congested and dangerous road has been highlighted by Police Scotland as a significant concern late last year. We believe that access to the proposed site and the build up and flow of traffic to and from the local area, present a significant risk to the safety and welfare of the people of Westhill, Kingswells and beyond.  Let’s consider the impact on response times for our emergency services.

    A fire-engine called to a house-fire in Westhill or a serious road accident on the A944 will take the quickest route from Mounthooly station (there is no longer a responding fire service from South Anderson Drive) and out the A944.  A typical deployment of two fire appliances, responding to the call, would take between 12 and 15 minutes to attend a major incident in Westhill from the Mounthooly station.  An ambulance, coming from the Scottish Ambulance Service in Ashgrove Road will take between 8 and 10 minutes typically (based on data here).

    But what happens when our emergency services are needed at a time when there is a football match or concert; when the A944 has 20,000 fans in 1,000’s of cars and coaches attempting to get to or from the stadium? This will significantly impact on response times; in emergency incidents, every second is important, every second can save a life, and if our emergency services are unable to reach incidents quickly, there will be serious, possibly life threatening, outcomes. That could mean that someone is not rescued in time from a house fire, or somebody not cut out from a car in time. 

    We need to do more than just say that’s what we think. We are up against a professional team of developers who will have their own transport strategist, who might be proposing that there will be no burden on the A944. We need to be able to create a model of not only the emergency scenarios, but all the scenarios of bringing 20,000 people to a venue, off a dual carriageway adjacent to a residential area. We need to be able to say how many vehicles are likely to come from each direction, what is the AWPR designed to cope with, consider the various parking scenarios etc. etc. Basically, we need to find the many flaws in their strategy to ensure that this poorly considered proposal is turned down, and AFC have to turn around and think again.

    We need your support

    Your support for our campaign is vital. We need your assistance to secure the services of a planning consultant and traffic consultant to review these plans and develop an unbiased independent report on these issues.

    If you feel strongly that this development has no place in our community, please help by clicking the link below and donating what you can.

    Contribute to our IndieGoGo Campaign


    One thought on “Why are we crowdfunding? Safety Concerns

    1. I agree entirely, but I also feel that it should be emphasized that there is no alternative route to Westhill and it’s environs for emergency vehicles other than the A944.
      They have to come this way, there is no other choice!

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