No Kingsford StadiumTraffic and Parking

Parking Chaos Around Westhill

Rationale for Parking Restrictions Map

Factors include: –

  • 1.37 miles from stadium entrances to Park and Ride. Green Zone is within that distance as measured on Google Maps.
  • Red zone calculated using similar distance and road arrangement rationale as that around Hampden Park Stadium
  • According to the Notified Planning Application: Assessment Report by Scottish Government of the application for the proposed Aberdeen Football Club Stadium at Loirston Loch: “On transport issues, parking is limited to 1,400 spaces and whilst compliant with national maximum parking standards, there is concern about the reality of a 46% modal shift from car to public transport – with a projected 26% of supporters arriving by car compared with 72% who currently travel to Pittodrie by car. “ It is clear that such a dramatic shift in transport use is highly unlikely and, in fact, travel by car to the proposed location would be expected to increase given the distance of the proposed site from the city.
  • Following some further discussions with local businesses in Arnhall Business Park, Westhill Shopping Centre and Prime Four it is apparent that those we have spoken to would seek to protect their premises by securing their parking with appropriate measures preventing football parking.   On street measures would certainly be put in place in these areas also.
  • This leaves parking options as: Tesco, Costco, Lawsondale Playing Fields, Aldi, Westhill Hotel, Westhill Primary School, Westhill Trinity Church and Ashdale Hall Car Parks. The use of these spaces for football parking would have a significant negative impact on community use.
What would this look like? We’ve created the following parking map to show you.
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